Arte de La Finca Website, Cuba


During graduate school, a team of classmates and I studied abroad for a week in Cuba, where I got to spend time at “La Finca Coincidencia” or The Coincidental Farm. The owner, Héctor Correa named the farm after his love for philosophy, art, and living off the land. I was honored with the role of developing a website that promotes the Correa family's philosophies. The challenge was that all of this, from collecting the footage, to designing the pages, to coding the website- it had to be done in three weeks, and we only had internet access for two of those weeks. I was the web developer, but the team also consisted of photographers, videographers, and designers.


The team had already set goals before we even left for Cuba. As the web developer, I had goals of my own:

  • Use web code (HTML/CSS/JS) to build a modern and interactive website using mock-ups designed by the UX designer
  • Write efficient code and optimize all photos and assets to be easily loaded on Cuba's low broadband internet.
  • Ensure the site is responsive, as most residents of Cuba only have internet access from their cellphone
  • Ensure the site is available in both English and Spanish

La Finca Coincidencia & the Correa Family

My role:

Web Developer

Tools Used:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap 4,
Brackets, GitHub, Figma

Date Released:

January 23rd, 2020

Challenges and Process

The challenge of this project was our timeline. Not only was it the first actual project that most of us had taken on outside of our class assignments, but we also had to work quickly. We had to present our site to the rest of the class two weeks after we got back.

  • Although we had a timeline of three weeks, we didn't have access to the needed technology or internet for one of those weeks. I was able to buckle down and code the site in two weeks once I got back from Cuba. I used the Bootstrap 4 framework to produce responsive code efficiently and quickly. I made myself useful while in Cuba as a videographer's assistant.
  • The site was very wordy and non-engaging without interactive components. I worked with the graphic designer to animate an SVG map of the farm that also provides information about the crops. This really helped to add a fun component to the website.


After 3 very stressful weeks, but also some of the most memorable and adventurous weeks of my life, my team and I were proud to present the brand new interactive, user-friendly, bi-lingual, and optimized website for Arte de La Finca.


Parallax and carousels used to display scenes around the farm

Responsive Bootstrap 4 cards used to tell stories of family

Interactive SVG map of the farm layout

Click the buttons to look at either crop info or the map

Fully responsive site

Fully responsive SVG map