Simply Social Work Prototype


Coming from social work background, I could easily empathize with the frustrations that social workers feel for record keeping and note-taking during case investigations. With a large caseload, it's not efficient to keep records or take notes with pen and paper anymore. Not to mention, it's not great for the environment to go through notepads and paper so quickly. I decided to design this mobile app to act as a social worker assistant. The key features of this application are media tools for investigation, a calendar that connects to specific case files, and case file organization and management.


It's hard to carry around a day planner, a notebook, a camera, and an audio recorder to home visits and investigations. It is also a concern when the homes are reported to have bed bugs or other sanitary issues. My overall goal was to design an app that keeps all of this information in one place and allows the social worker to quickly and easily view/edit case documents from anywhere instead of just at the office. Here are some smaller goals of this project:

  • Create a home screen with sign in because of possible HIPAA issues.
  • Create a file system for case management and easy viewing while on the go.
  • Create a calendar that allows for syncing to agency time sheets and also provides reminders and notifications of upcoming events for the day.
  • Allow social workers to take notes on their phone after every client interaction so that it doesn’t have to be done at the office or at home. This also includes audio dictation capabilities.
  • Allow for media capabilities such as recording audio during interviews and provide a camera that social workers can use during investigations
  • Allow the case files to be uploaded to a drive and be accessed from a computer. When an investigation is complete, the social worker can potentially print out all the files and put them in the physical case file.


As a former social worker, I was extrememly pleased with the final product. Please check out the link to the XD prototype or check out some deliverables below.


User Persona

Empathy Map