The Winter Circle: VR Game


The Elon iMedia graduate program requires all students to complete a thesis project. I knew when I entered the program in July of 2019 that I wanted to challenge myself and take on a VR project. I realized that I could combine my VR idea with my passion for education, and decided that I would create an educational VR game. By working with an astronomy professor at Elon University, I was able to create a prototype of The Winter Circle VR game, which is a game that teaches users about the stars and constellations in the Winter Circle using gamification techniques. I also created a website to house this project.


My roles:

Project Manager | Web Developer
VR Developer | UX/UI Designer

Tools Used:

Unity, C#, Microsoft Visual Studio 7, HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, Bootstrap 4, Brackets, Illustrator


As stated earlier, I wanted my project to be more than a VR game, I wanted it to be an education experience. To do this, I needed to complete the following goals:

  • Work with an educator on the topic of astronomy to develop the best game layout
  • Research and use proper principles of UX design to keep the experience of the user in mind as I create the game
  • Create a website to house the project
  • Create a beautiful 3D experience with Unity game engine


  • COVID-19 caused Elon University to shut down, meaning that I now needed to work at home with limited technological support. However, I was able to complete the work on a laptop with a high-powered graphics card.
  • I had to learn both Unity game engine and C#, which were brand new to me at the time. I was able to research these processes and learn them on my own to complete the project.
  • I had to manage my time wisely on this project while working at home and completing coursework for other classes. I did this by using weekly goals, which I discussed one on one with my capstone/thesis professor.
  • I had to storyboard my project, but had a lot of difficulty at first with storyboarding a VR scene how I envisioned it in my head. I used sketches and clear written communication to convey my ideas to my peers and professors.


After several months of working on this project, I was able to complete a demo of the Orion level for the VR game. Please check out the gameplay in the video above, or check out some deliverables below.


User Persona

Task Flow

Storyboard by Anna Sizemore on Scribd